Strawberry roll

In this month, i got a good price for fresh strawberries in the supermarket near my house. So, i kept buying them although i did not have any idea for the cakes or the sweets i want to do with them.

Frankly speaking, in the past week i made a lot of rolls and shortcakes with these nice and sweet strawberries. I still remember how my husband reacted when he came back home and saw those cakes in the fridge!! Oh my god!!... againnnnnnnn!!!!

Anyway, i decided to make the last roll yesterday and i told myself that my husband won't see them again for a very long time!! Not only my husband gets bored for eating them .... i feel bored to do it as well and wanna make something different.


dailydelicious said...

So, sweet, I don't mind if I have this strawberry roll for a month.
P.S. Your picture are great.

Vanillaorchid said...

If we live near-by...i'm sure you will have it for a month ka. Then you might say to me that can we have some new dessert!!!

Thank you ka.

Tartelette said...

The roll is fantastic! I would not mind having this all year long!