April Panna Cotta

Finally real spring has arrived after waiting for long time, now you can imagine how is warm and sunny!!! I love this season a lot ... everywhere is green and full of flowers.

Normally when the weather starts getting warm and hot, I usually make ice-cream or panna cotta, both are our favourites!!

It happened to me to find this blog http://www.lacilieginasullatorta.blogspot.com/2007/05/per-la-panna-cotta-ingredienti-300g-di.html while I was searching for some recipes. It caught my eyes immediately because this is quite similar to the recipe that I normally use but this one has also the strawberry gelee which I have never made before. Want to try this combination!!

I can say that it's so delicious and also a perfect combination between panna cotta & strawberry gelee, I made 4 glasses and my husband & I finished them within one day and i have made it twice already. What do you think about the taste????

Recipe for 4 glasses (Adapted)

300 grams fresh cream

200 grams whole milk

60 grams sugar

1 vanilla stick

3 gelatine sheet (10 grams of gelatine)

Soak the gelatine sheet in cold water for 10-15 minutes. Pour milk, fresh cream, sugar and vanilla stick in a saucepan, stir together and set over medium heat. When it's almost boiled remove from the heat and put the gelatine into the cream, stirring until completely dissolved. Let cool to room temperature, pour into glass and keep in the freezer for 20 minutes. ( I divided the recipe and made them twice because I made 2 levels of panna cotta)

Strawberry Gelee

300 grams strawberry

4 tbs. sugar (depends on how sweet strawberries are)

1 tsp. lemon juice

2 gelatine sheet (7 grams gelatin)

Soak the gelatine sheet in cold water for 10-15 minutes. In small saucepan heat together strawberry puree, sugar and lemon in medium heat till the sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat, add the gelatine and stir until completely melted. Let cool to room temperature. Pour in to the glass which has one level of panna cotta. Set in the freezer for 20 minutes.

While the strawberry gelee is set in the freezer, make the second part of panna cotta and when it's cool, pour in the strawberry gelee and set in the fridge for about 2-3 hours.

Thank you la ciliegina sulla torta for the delicious recipe.



Mango Tonight

As I had ripe mango which i bought a week ago, I was thinking what should I make from this sweet mango!!

It happened that I cooked Thai dish and I know that my sister in-law and her husband like Thai dishes, so we decided to invite them for dinner. What do you think, did they say yes or no??

How comes they won't join??? heheheh

Then I got only a few hours to prepare the dessert and I thought about making something quick, nice and full of mango flavor.

So, I named it Mango Tonight!

They were made from the following;

6 small round vanilla sponge cakes

Mango sauce (250 grams of mango, 80 grams of sugar and 1 tsp of limon juice)

200 grams of whipped cream

230 grams diced mango

some Ladyfinger biscuits

I was lucky that I finished them quite early and had 2 more hours before they came for dinner!!

This experience made me notice that sometimes, the simple thing goes well and more than we expect!!


buttermilk scones

I have never thought to make scone until I stopped by at P' Thip's blog
http://thai4real.blogspot.com/2008/03/buttermilk-scones.html one of my favourit blogs.

Once I saw them, I told myself that they were such a nice and yummy yummy scones! Then suddently remember that i have some nice dried cherries I bought from the fair. As I did not have any idea what can I make with, i just kept eating them as snack!!
By the way, before I finish them up, better to use them for making scones. Is it a good idea?
Yeap, it was a good idea to make them, as soon as I took them out the oven, I could not help
tasting them. And as normal, once I make something that both of us like ... they were gone so quickly!!!
Thank you P'Thip for sharing the nice recipe. :)


Enjoy swirling ......

I got the inspiration to make these cute swirly macaroons from Tartelette blog http://tartelette.blogspot.com/2008/03/swirly-macarons-and-birthday.html ; when i saw her fabulous and perfect swirly macaroons i could not take my eyes off and kept telling myself to try to make them once.

I'm not expert in making desserts especially macaroon, the one I have heard it's not easy to make them turn out good and perfect. To be honest, I have failed once in doing these swirly but I'm lucky to get the good suggestion from Helen, Tartelette (thank you Helen!). Finally I can make it and I enjoyed swirling each of them.

In the matter of my husband, he doesn't fancy too much this kind of biscuits so i just filled them with Nutella and brought all to my friends in the class. I was happy to see them enjoying when they saw and tasted them with pleasure. You might want to know how they taste..... i can say that they should be delicious as my classmates finished them very quickly.