My 1st homemade croissants.

Yappy.... finally I can make croissants!!!

I have never thought to make croissants myself although we like to have them for breakfast. I always thought it was complicated and I didn't dare to make them. But, we got lot of butter in the fridge and I gotto get rid of them. So, I decided to make a trial.

I saw the recipe in the "Tartine" baking book for a long time and also my friend Pook told me that she have made it and it turned out so good.

After reading carefully for the recipe I told myself, "hmmm.. it seems a hard job to do but worth to try it"

AFter 2 days working on it, I can say that it's absolutely fabulous! The taste and the outcome are so good for me.

I would like to give all the credit to the writers in this book, they help the beginner croissants baking like me to reach my goal!

Thank you.


Thip said...

I can see the all the layers in your croissants. Bravo!

Vanillaorchid said...

thank you ka P'Thip.

kk said...

Wow!! your crossaints look amazing! i can't believe it's your first time making them. great job!!