Mango Tonight

As I had ripe mango which i bought a week ago, I was thinking what should I make from this sweet mango!!

It happened that I cooked Thai dish and I know that my sister in-law and her husband like Thai dishes, so we decided to invite them for dinner. What do you think, did they say yes or no??

How comes they won't join??? heheheh

Then I got only a few hours to prepare the dessert and I thought about making something quick, nice and full of mango flavor.

So, I named it Mango Tonight!

They were made from the following;

6 small round vanilla sponge cakes

Mango sauce (250 grams of mango, 80 grams of sugar and 1 tsp of limon juice)

200 grams of whipped cream

230 grams diced mango

some Ladyfinger biscuits

I was lucky that I finished them quite early and had 2 more hours before they came for dinner!!

This experience made me notice that sometimes, the simple thing goes well and more than we expect!!


defientchef said...

Love fresh mango..but I live in the middle of nowhereville so I can never get them.

The desserts look wonderful.

dailydelicious said...

I really love the way you decorated your desserts, it's so lovely.

Bean Sprout said...

thanks for the beautiful photos which inspire me...looks so professional !

Vanillaorchid said...

defientchef - Thank you.

Pook - Thank you ka but now I wanna have your yummy yummy brownies ja. :)

bean sprout - thank you ka.

raspberry riot said...

Questo dolce è proprio bello!
E poi amo alla follia il mango :)
La torta era soffice e forse ci sarebbe stato bene anche un po più di ananas.

Thip said...

Hey Om, I'm thinking about mango today. :D
Your dessert looks great!

Zabaione said...

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