buttermilk scones

I have never thought to make scone until I stopped by at P' Thip's blog
http://thai4real.blogspot.com/2008/03/buttermilk-scones.html one of my favourit blogs.

Once I saw them, I told myself that they were such a nice and yummy yummy scones! Then suddently remember that i have some nice dried cherries I bought from the fair. As I did not have any idea what can I make with, i just kept eating them as snack!!
By the way, before I finish them up, better to use them for making scones. Is it a good idea?
Yeap, it was a good idea to make them, as soon as I took them out the oven, I could not help
tasting them. And as normal, once I make something that both of us like ... they were gone so quickly!!!
Thank you P'Thip for sharing the nice recipe. :)


dailydelicious said...

Did I ever told you that I love scone and your scone is great !

Zabaione said...

จะกินด้วยๆ ลูกใหญ่ๆ แบบนี้หม่ำแล้วอยู่ท้อง พี่อุ้มรูปแรกอ่ะ
สวยมาก แก้มชอบอ่ะ แนวดี อิ อิ

Thip said...

Your welcome, Om.
Your scones look yummy. ;)

Thip said...

Happy Thai New Year to you too, Om.

I just came back from Wat, will post some photos on my blog soon. ;)

bake-aholic said...

I'm a scone lover ka...P'Aum, your scones look wonderful...can fulfill my hungriness :)